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Use value of chicken manure

Chicken manure is the most comprehensive and reasonable element composition of organic fertilizer. Experiments have proved that chicken manure is more suitable for organic fertilizer than pig manure. So how can we use chicken manure organic fertilizer correctly? Some utilization methods of chicken manure are fuel utilization, fertilizer utilization and feed utilization. 

Chicken manure is a high-quality organic fertilizer, but it should be decomposed and dried at high temperature for harmless treatment before use. The chicken manure processed by the chicken manure separator has good effect on farmland fertilization and long fertility duration. It can improve the yield of crops, increase the content of organic matter in soil, improve the structure of soil, and is conducive to the development of agriculture.

The treatment methods of chicken manure used as fertilizer include composting method, drying method, expansion method, etc.

Compost fermentation is the most common method to treat chicken manure in chicken farms. It is a process in which organic matter is mineralized, humified and harmless by high-temperature fermentation under the action of microorganisms. Fuel Huali loads chicken manure, chicken farm sewage and crop straw into the fermentation tank. Under the action of biogas fermentation bacteria, organic matter is decomposed to produce methane. Methane is the main component of biogas and can be used as fuel for cooking, lighting and power generation for residents.

Every kilogram of chicken manure can produce gas. At present, biogas digesters have been popularized in many rural areas of China and have a bright prospect.

For feed utilization, rice bran or wheat bran shall be evenly mixed into chicken manure and exposed to the sun. After it is dried, it shall be screened to remove impurities, put into bags or stacked in dry places for standby. It is dried by drying mechanical equipment and heated by power supply. It is suitable for large-scale intensive feeding farms or feed processing plants. Natural drying: suitable for farmers. No matter what kind of utilization, it needs the assistance of modern chicken manure dehydrator to improve the utilization rate of chicken manure.

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