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Troubleshooting Of Pig Manure Separator

Bluslot® Solid Liquid Separator

The solid-liquid separator is very popular in many farms and can help farmers solve the problem of manure treatment. As long as it is a machine, it will inevitably fail. 

The maintenance of pig manure solid-liquid separator is divided into minor repair, medium repair and maintenance. Major, medium and minor repair schemes shall be formulated according to the application and maintenance of pig manure separator. On the other hand, there is also safety accident maintenance. The emergency measures to solve safety accidents are unforeseen. 

Key points of machinery and equipment inspection: the operation and damage of machinery and equipment, and record the key technical conditions, load characteristics, and key precision errors of its position before maintenance. When the key parts of pig manure separator are damaged to the following level, they must be replaced and repaired: 

  • When the tooth thickness of the gear shaft is damaged by 40% or 0.6 modulus, or the rim has irreparable damage, it shall be replaced or repaired.
  • In case of cracks and partial deformation of the simplified body, it shall be repaired and replaced.
  • When the surface layer of the tire is damaged into cone shape, irregular pattern and collusion cracks in some parts, it must be removed and replaced.
  • When the diameter of the roller shaft motor shaft is reduced by 30%, or the roller shaft and stop wheel are overturned, the rim is thinly and thickly ground by 20%, or the rim is tapered or other special-shaped, or the rim has collusion cracks, be sure to replace and repair.
  • After the screw press screen is seriously damaged and lost, it needs to be replaced.

Adjustment and engineering acceptance are the final links of machinery and equipment maintenance, which is the inspection process of maintenance engineering construction quality.Basic standards for trial operation: the basic or other concrete works under maintenance are intact and have the required compressive strength. Safety equipment has; Part of electrical equipment and control equipment shall be repaired intact.

Inspection before commissioning: check the meshing precision of vertical transmission gear, the mutual matching precision of coupling, the leveling error of transmission device, etc., and check the connection and tightening condition of all repaired spare parts again; Adjust one by one on the premise that it can be separated for operation. Load test run is the final test of the maintenance quality of machinery and equipment.

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