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Troubleshooting Of Chicken Manure Separator

The chicken manure separator may have some faults after its service life is too long. Most of these faults are caused by the improper use of the operator. How to solve these faults has always been a concern of farmers. The following are some common fault solutions for small editing, hoping to bring help to you!

  • If the main motor of the chicken manure separator idles, first turn off the power and open the cover to check whether it is blocked.
  • If the processed material does not achieve the previous processing effect, you can try to change some states, one parameter at a time. Do some simple change steps to see if you can solve the problem. After changing a parameter is invalid, reset the original parameter.
  • It is the simplest and effective method to replace the suspicious parts with the parts of the new chicken manure separator. These methods are suitable for solving some problems such as circuit board system. After replacing the suspicious parts of the centrifuge with good parts, the situation has not been improved, and the original parts should be replaced. This minimizes the maintenance cost and prevents the backlog of used parts. This rule applies only to a single fault. Not applicable to the following situations: low price of parts; The new parts are damaged when they are removed; Risk of damage when reinstalling the original parts; Replace parts regularly.
  • In order to ensure the normal and safe use of the chicken manure separator, please carry out refueling maintenance for the rotating parts once a month, and check the operation lubrication of the bearing, whether there is wear, whether the components in the braking device are worn, if serious, replace it, and whether the bearing cover has oil leakage.
  • Often contact the manufacturer. In case of special failure of chicken manure dewatering machine, first consult the after-sales service professional of our company, analyze the possible causes and obtain the maintenance scheme.
  • Regularly maintain the chicken manure separator damping device.

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