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Treatment and reuse of sewage after manure dewatering machine

Treatment of manure dehydration  

According to different water content and different types of livestock, the equipment used for fecal treatment is different. 

Stainless steel slope screen solid-liquid separator is used for blister dung. The whole body is carefully made of stainless steel. For large moisture content and small solid content, stainless steel inclined screen is fast and good. It mainly deals with blister dung and water flushing dung in pig houses. Sometimes 20 square, 40 square and 60 square are handled. It is equipped with electric box, pump, plastic pipe and agitator.  

The screw press manure separator is mainly used for chicken manure. The machine adopts the way of screw extrusion, which can master the discharge speed and water content. The water in the material is squeezed out of the mesh screen and flows out of the drainage pipe to quickly complete the dehydration. The key parts are made of 304 stainless steel, with corrosion resistance and long service life. It is equipped with sewage pipe, submerged pump and electric box.

Stainless steel slope screen solid-liquid separation combination machine is mainly used for the dehydration of cow dung. The extrusion screw is longer and the dehydration effect is better. 

Treatment of dewatering sewage

After mixing and dosing the sewage, the harmful substances in the sewage water are coagulated and discharged out of the machine. After sedimentation, direct discharge and irrigation can be realized. The sewage recycling machine can treat 3 cubic meters, 5 cubic meters, 8 cubic meters, 10 cubic meters, 14 cubic meters and 20 cubic meters per hour. Choose the model suitable for yourself according to different breeding scale.

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