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The Working Efficiency Of Manure Separator Is Low

Bluslot® Solid Liquid Separator

There are many reasons why the solid-liquid separator cannot separate feces, but it should be judged according to your actual situation. If you are not clear, you can contact the manufacturer’s after-sales service. In addition, pay attention to the daily maintenance of the solid-liquid separator to avoid the failure of the solid-liquid separator due to operation and maintenance problems.

Reasons for failure of solid-liquid separator to separate dry manure

  • The motor speed of the manure separatoris too fast. If the motor speed is too fast, the feces in the solid-liquid separator are easy to be impacted, stored and lost. You can reduce the motor to try whether the feces are discharged normally.
  • The septic pits are all on the same line with the solid-liquid separator. The low distance from the ground in the septic pit will lead to excessive motor speed, high impact and feces running.
  • The filter screenof the solid-liquid separator is blocked. You can try to clean the filter screen.

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