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The solution to the leakage of solid-liquid separator

Recently, some users have consulted us that the front-end spray phenomenon sometimes occurs during the use of the solid-liquid separator.

Don’t worry, this situation may not be the cause of the machine. Because the material is continuously promoted into the body, the pressure on the front edge is continuously increasing. When it reaches a certain level, the discharge port is pushed out and the extrusion port is extruded to achieve the purpose of extruding and discharging. It is an indispensable processing equipment for high-humidity materials before drying.

The submerged pump promotes the pig manure water to the pig manure separator, and the squeeze auger gradually pushes the pig manure water to the front of the body, while continuously increasing the pressure of the front edge, forcing the moisture in the material to filter on the side pressure belt. Extrude the mesh sieve and flow out of the drain pipe. The burden of the dryer is greatly reduced, the output is greatly improved, and the energy consumption is greatly reduced. In order to grasp the discharging speed and water content, you can adjust the counterweight under the host to meet the proper discharging state.


  • For other reasons, if the treated materials are really few and very thin, flocculant needs to be added for concentration before treatment to make the dirt condense into large particles, and the treatment effect of Zhengyang is better. Here are some reasons and solutions that may cause spraying. In practical work, it is best to consult the manufacturer first and solve the problem after determining the situation. I believe it will make your manure separator work normally.
  • The materials are too thin, because most breeding enterprises collect the feces into the pool first. If they stay for a long time, the feces will settle at the bottom of the pool, and the materials on the upper layer will be too thin. The more they pump, the more moisture is too large, the front-end spraying will appear. In this case, it is best to mix the sewage collection pool before treatment, or install a mixer on the sewage collection pool, Ensuring the average of material feeding will reduce the spraying phenomenon.
  • The front end is not concentrated in time. At this time, first shut down the pump for 8-10 seconds, let the main engine run, then shut down the main engine, and then turn on the pump for 5-6 seconds. The spraying phenomenon can be solved by 2-3 times of this process. I hope the above information is helpful to users.

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