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The process of changing manure into organic fertilizer by manure separator

The manure separator is mainly used to dehydrate the raw manure water of livestock and poultry into a liquid and solid fertilizer. Liquid fertilizer can be directly used in crops, solid fertilizer can be transported to fertile land for reuse, and can also improve soil structure. At the same time, granular organic fertilizer can be made through fermentation to improve added value.  

The manure that people cover their noses and stay away from entry through the pipe at one end of the car, and the pipe at the other end turns into organic biological fertilizer raw materials, and clean water.  

Pig manure separator is a complete set of hard material treatment equipment for septic tanks. It adopts full-automatic rapid treatment system technology of sewage, sludge, and feces, and realizes energy saving, environmental protection, and harmless through three links (solid-liquid separation, drug analysis, and fecal classification).  

All the extracted fecal water is first separated from the solid-liquid through the machine to separate the solid waste such as stones, paper towels, plastic bags, and other impurities to produce coarse slag. 

This coarse slag can be treated as domestic waste; After solid-liquid separation, fecal water is stirred and combined with drugs through the drug analysis system, and the resulting dirt enters the final classification system and becomes the raw material for the production of organic biological fertilizer (i.e. raw fertilizer. The raw fertilizer after fermentation can further become cooked fertilizer), and the discharged water can be directly discharged according to the water discharge standard. 

The organic matter content of cow manure is higher than that of pig manure and chicken manure. The soil improvement effect is better and more suitable for the growth of fruits and vegetables, which has been confirmed in the fruit and vegetable production in Shiling, huge fan, and other villages.  

If the biogas slurry and cow dung drying machine by the manure processor is placed in an appropriate place or comprehensively utilized, it will be able to turn waste into treasure, such as directly watering fruits and vegetables with biogas slurry, producing organic fertilizer with cow dung as raw material, etc.  

This is in line with the development reality of Yitian agriculture. The effect of biogas slurry plus Organic fertilizers on fruits and vegetables is better.

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