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Pig manure treatment
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Small Pig Farm Manure Treatment

We all know that fresh pig manure needs to be squeezed and dehydrated through pig manure separator first. The treated pig manure is more convenient for transportation and can also be monetized.  

The uses of pig manure are as follows:

  • Sun drying method. Dry pig manure to reduce sewage production and facilitate disposal.
  • Organic fertilizer. Use pig manure as an organic fertilizer for plants to give them the nutrients they need.
  • Biogas lighting. Pig manure is fermented to produce biogas, which is used for lighting and cooking.
  • Compost fermentation method. Mixing pig manure with other organic waste to form organic fertilizer is a low-cost method that can effectively kill pathogenic bacteria and deodorize.
  • Build settling tanks. Establish at least three-level sedimentation tanks to treat pig manure and reduce sewage discharge.
  • Manure scrapers and mechanical manure removal methods. Use manure scrapers or machinery to remove pig manure from the house, saving manpower and reducing water pollution.
  • Soaking feces in water. Set up a shallow puddle under the slatted floor of the pig house to collect pig manure and urine and empty it regularly
  • Drying method. The pig manure is dried at high temperature to remove moisture and facilitate subsequent processing.

How to deal with pig manure in small pig farms

  • Manual handling of pig manure.
    Generally, pig farmers who raise more than a dozen sows in rural areas will use manual feces cleaning. They shovel the feces together every day and then push the manure out by the truckload, which is very hard.
  • Mechanical treatment of pig manure.
    Generally, large pig farms use machinery to process manure. For example, a manure scraper is fully automatic and only needs one person to operate it. However, it can be used as long as it is plugged in. It will mix the pig feces on its own. No need for it, it is very convenient. In addition, a manure dewatering machine is also indispensable.
  • Treat pig manure with water.
    Treating manure with water means flushing pens with water. Mainly, pig farmers use water to flush feces into ditches. Then continue flushing, and it will flow into the cesspool together with the urine.

We are a professional manufacturer of manure separators. At present, there are mainly two series of products, a total of six models.

Screw press machine

  • 180 type.
  • 200 type.
  • 230 type.

Slope screen manure separator

  • 800 type.
  • 1200 type.
  • 1500 type.

Screw press machine is suitable for treating feces with relatively low water content. Such as cow dung and sticky chicken dung.

If the water content of the stool exceeds 90%, the slide screen manure separator is the best choice.

Our manure separator can be sent to all parts of the world. If you are interested, please leave us a message.

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