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Sinking Of Pig Manure Solid-Liquid Separator Filter Cylinder

After the pig manure solid-liquid separator operates for a period of time, the cylinder may sink. If the problem of cylinder sinking is not solved for a long time, the separation effect will be reduced.

  • Adjust the gap. It is mainly to adjust the gap between the drying roller and the cushion block. The specific method is to replace a new base plate or add a pad under the base plate.
  • Restore slope. It mainly restores the design inclination of the cylinder of pig manure separator. The specific method is to adjust the relative height difference of the two supporting devices and make it reach the value specified in the design. The center height difference of the two gear rolling rings can be measured by level gauge, theodolite or connecting pipe. The detection shall be carried out after the gap adjustment in step (1).
  • Restore the vertical position of the cylinder. The purpose is to return the cylinder to its proper vertical position.Firstly, after measuring the actual elevation of the geometric centers of the two rolling rings, adjust the cylinder centerline to the designed elevation position by symmetrically pushing or raising the supporting wheel. This approach is slightly complex, but more accurate.
  • Secondly, according to the radial clearance between the front and rear sealing rings and the cylinder, and referring to the clearance between the big gear ring and the pinion top, determine the adjustment amount, adjust it at one time, and keep the inclination of the cylinder unchanged. This method is simple and practical.
  • Restore the horizontal position of the cylinder. Aim to make the vertical projection of the cylinder bus coincide with the datum line on the base again.When the measured diameters of the two supporting rollers of the same gear are the same and the wear of the supporting roller bearings is the same, the distance from the shaft centerline of the two supporting rollers to the reference center (original mark) can be adjusted to equal distance. When the measured diameters of the two supporting rollers of the same gear are different, the distance between the center line of the supporting roller with smaller diameter can be reduced, or a backing plate can be added on the supporting roller base to raise the supporting roller.
  • After the two gear supporting wheel sets are adjusted, generally, the cylinder center line has been reset in the horizontal direction.
  • The cylinder sinking of pig manure solid-liquid separator will affect the sealing of transmission system and front and rear interfaces, reduce the contact accuracy of gears and even damage gears, but it should be handled flexibly in the specific operation process.

The separator realizes the monetization of pig manure.

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