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Production Method of Chicken Manure Fertilizer

The development of planting industry in agricultural production cannot be separated from fertilizer. China’s agriculture has a long history of 10000 years. In ancient times, fertilizer was called dung, and fertilizer became dung field. The theory of inorganic plant nutrition put forward by modern agricultural chemist Li Bixi believed that to keep the soil fertile, the inorganic nutrients and nitrogen absorbed by plants and removed from farmland must be returned to the soil in the form of fertilizer. In 1843, the world’s first chemical fertilizer, calcium superphosphate, was successfully developed. With the discovery of saltpeter and potash mines in Chile and the invention of synthetic ammonia, a huge fertilizer industry has been established in the world. In 1990, the output of domestic fertilizer reached 18.797 million tons, ranking the third in the world. In 1998, the output of fertilizer reached 29.56 million tons, accounting for 19% of the world’s total output, ranking the first in the world. 

Chemical fertilizer has become an important agricultural material in China and plays an important role in agricultural production.

In recent years, due to the long-term excessive use of chemical fertilizers in agriculture, the phenomenon of soil hardening and natural fertility decline has occurred to varying degrees. In addition, the chemical fertilizer that is washed away with the rain has polluted the groundwater and surface water, and damaged the agricultural ecological conditions. And now, with the development of poultry breeding industry on a large scale, if chicken manure can be used as fertilizer, it will be a good help for planting and soil protection.

Technical proposal

The chicken manure fertilizer consists of the following parts by weight: 70-80 parts of chicken manure, 14-16 parts of sawdust, 4-6 parts of egg waste, 15-17 parts of cornshell, 20-28 parts of wheat straw, 20-28 parts of corn straw, 5-7 parts of active silica sol, 10-12 parts of quartz powder, 5-7 parts of potassium chloride, 3-5 parts of fermentation powder, 20-24 parts of bran, 12-14 parts of water, 5-7 parts of humic acid, 7-9 parts of dehydration catalyst.

Production method of chicken manure fertilizer

  • Chicken dung, sawdust, egg waste, shell, wheat straw, corn straw, active silica sol, quartz powder, potassium chloride, fermentation powder, bran, water, humic acid and dehydration catalyst shall be prepared according to the proportion of weight.
  • Seal the chicken dung, egg waste, active silica sol, quartz powder and potassium chloride in step S1 into the septic tank, add proper amount of water, mix, seal the septic tank, quickly heat up the inside of the septic tank, and make the inside of the septic tank sealed and heated for disinfection, and the sterilized chicken dung mixture is put into cold and then used for standby.
  • Use a forklift to lay the chicken dung mixture cooled in step S2 in an open place for drying, and turn it over 2-3 times a day for a total of 5-7 days, and then dry it for standby.
  • After crushing sawdust, cornhusk, wheat straw, corn straw, bran and humic acid, add fermentation powder, dehydration catalyst and the dried chicken manure mixture in step S3, mix for 2-3h, and then stack and ferment for 5-6 days after mixing, maintain the fermentation temperature at 28-32 ℃, and turn the pile once a day.
  • Bake the mixture obtained in step S4 until the moisture content is ≤ 18%.
  • Put the material in step S5 into the machine for crushing and screening, and finally get chicken manure fertilizer.

Beneficial effect

Strictly control the specific gravity of each component, and seal and mix chicken manure, egg waste, active silica sol, quartz powder and potassium chloride. After that, the sawdust, cornhusk, wheat straw, corn straw, bran and humic acid are crushed, and then added with fermentation powder, dehydration catalyst, mixing, stirring and overturning. In addition, the reaction temperature and reaction time in the production process shall be strictly controlled to ensure the product quality. Finally, chicken manure fertilizer is prepared by drying and crushing. The chicken manure fertilizer is different from the previous chemical fertilizer. It will not damage the soil, surface water and groundwater, but also make the chicken dung produced by poultry breeding become the economic benefit of the company.

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