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Self Cleaning Separator


Material: SUS304
Type: Slope screen manure separator
Model: BLUAC1200 & BLUAC1500
Application: large pig farms and large cattle farms

Working Principle of Automatic Backwashing Slope Screen Manure Separator

  • The fully automatic integrated slope screen separator has manual and automatic modes.
  • Firstly, start the mixer for mixing.
  • Start the delivery pump after mixing several times.
  • See that the manure sewage flows from the water tank to the inclined screen, start the host, and separate it.
  • After separation several times, it was found that the slope screen panel had poor water seepage, there was a blockage on the top, and the sewage flowed to the bottom to squeeze the winch. The water pump was stopped for a long time.
  • Start washing the inclined screen until the screen panel clearance is full, and then start the conveying water pump again.

Set the automatic mode in this mode. After the automatic mode, there is no need to operate manually. The advantage of automatic mode is to reduce people. The slope screen panel has been separated under the condition of a good water seepage effect. The amount of fecal sewage separation is large, and the separated materials are relatively dry.

The flushing function is equipped with a high-pressure swing positive and negative flushing nozzle, which has the characteristics of clean flushing, a large flushing area, and no dead angle. A cover is installed on the machine, and the water will not be scattered outside the machine during flushing.

Self-Cleaning Process of Full-Automatic Backwashing Slope Screen Manure Separator – Forward And Backwashing Patented Technology

The cleaning process of a full-automatic backwash separator is divided into two links: screen front flushing and screen backflushing.

  • Screen backflushing
    This is the first process. The backwashing nozzle cleans the impurities in the gap from the bottom of the screen.
  • Screen front flushing
    The nozzle flushes the impurities backwashed to the upper part of the screen, and the manner is flushed and transported to the auger.

After these two washing processes, the impurities attached to the screen will be washed away and can continue to work efficiently.

The screen washing method is swing type because only swing washing can wash a wider area without dead angle and better washing.


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