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Manure Separator


Manure Separator (systems) For Sale

MODEL: BLU800/BLU1200/BLU1500, BLU180/BLU230/BLU280.

Application: pig (hog) farm, cow/cattle/dairy farm, chicken farm, duck farm.

Stock: BLU800 & BLU180.

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   What Is a Manure Solid Separator?

Slope Screen Manure Dewatering MachineManure separator is environmental protection equipment used for the dewatering of animal manure and sewage in livestock farms. It is generally suitable for the dewatering of chicken manure, duck manure, cow manure, and pig manure. The development of the modern livestock and poultry breeding industry and the rise of industrialized and intensive breeding has not only enriched people’s material needs but also brought the flood of livestock and poultry manuer slurry, resulting in the pollution of water sources, air, and environment. The manure separator can separate the raw manure and sewage of pig manure and other livestock manure into liquid organic fertilizer and solid organic fertilizer. Liquid organic fertilizer can be used for crop utilization and absorption, solid organic fertilizer can be transported to fertilizer deficient areas, and can also improve soil structure. At the same time, it can be made into organic compound fertilizer through fermentation. The original manure water is sent to the manure separator with the supporting submerged pump. The solid matter (dry manure) is extruded and separated through the stainless steel spiral shaft arranged in the screen, and the liquid flows out of the liquid outlet through the screen.

Types of Bluslot® Manure Separator

Slope Screen Manure Separator SEP-1500Manure screw press: There are mainly three types of blu180, blu230, and blu280, which are suitable for dewatering chicken manure, pig manure, and cow manure with water content of less than 90%.
Slope screen manure separator: There are three types of products, blu800, blu1200, and blu1500, which are mainly used for dewatering pig manure and cow manure with water content higher than 90%, and are widely used in large pig farms.

Type 1: Manure screw press
Working Principle (How does a manure separator work?):Use the submerged pump to pump the manure water into the manure separator. After spiral extrusion dehydration, if too much manure water is pumped, it will be discharged to the original manure pool through the overflow pipe. The manure wastewater separated by spiral extrusion filtration can be directly sent to the biogas digester for biogas fermentation or to its wastewater sedimentation tank. Solid dry feces are extruded from the outlet. After solid-liquid separation, COD and BOD in animal manure water are greatly reduced, which is convenient for subsequent standard discharge.  The separated manure water can be directly discharged to the biogas digester for biogas fermentation. The fermented fecal residue liquid is a very good organic fertilizer liquid, and can also be discharged to the aeration tank for aeration and environmental protection treatment.
800 type pig manure separatorType 2: Slope screen manure separator
Product introduction:The slope screen spiral extrusion solid-liquid separator works continuously by means of spiral extrusion. It is suitable for materials with 0.3mm solid particles, large solid proportion in the feed liquid and low moisture content after separation. It is especially suitable for the dewatering and separation of pig manure (blister manure) with water content higher than 90% into liquid organic fertilizer and solid organic fertilizer. The solid-liquid separator divides the solid-liquid separation cylinder into centrifugal separation section and extrusion separation section, that is, the solid-liquid separation and solid-liquid separation of biogas residue are carried out through centrifugal separation and extrusion separation, the water content of biogas residue is greatly reduced, the drying time of biogas residue is reduced, the drying cost is reduced, and the time and cost are saved for users producing biogas fertilizer.

Specification Parameters of Manure Separator

Host power(kw)444/5.5/7.54
Screen Size(mm)800*9501200*9501400*950
Slot size(mm)0.3-0.80.3-0.80.3-0.80.3-0.8
Vibration motorHY-0.1/30wHY-0.1/30wHY-0.1/30w
Cutting pump50WQK15-13-1.565WQKAS25-15-2.265WQK35-15-31.5/3
Slag removal rate>90%

Classified by a purpose: Cow dung dewatering machine, pig manual separator, and chicken screw press separator.

Characteristics of Manure Separator

  1. The machine body is small, the floor area is small, and the installation is flexible and convenient. It can be used by a single machine, or multiple machines can be connected in parallel, operate independently of each other, and save resources.
  2. Small power load, high separation efficiency, and large processing capacity of a single machine.
  3. The application range is wide, and the gap of the screen cylinder is 0.25-1mm. Different livestock farms such as pig farms and cattle farms can select the solid-liquid separator with relative screen holes according to the different compositions of manure.
  4. The screen of the slope screen solid-liquid separator has four fulcrums, and the spiral shaft is supported at both ends, with high stability.
  5. It is adjustable and can adjust the moisture content of discharged feces and the treatment capacity of the separator through the pressure-regulating device.
  6. Using the vibrating screen and screw extrusion technology, the separated product has little environmental pollution, the water content of separated solid feces is about 30-60%, and it is convenient for storage and transportation.
  7. The solid content of the liquid part is about 1.5%, which is not easy to produce crusting and precipitation.
  8. The whole separation system has a high degree of automation. The control system can realize the automatic operation and shutdown of the feed pump, mixer, and solid-liquid separator through the liquid level control of a septic tank, reduce the labor intensity of equipment managers, and support manual control.
  9. According to the scale and layout of the farm, the power of the cutting pump and mixer in the system is generally 5.5kw-8.5kw, and the power is 8.5kw. The energy consumption of the whole system is low.
  10. The core components and pipe fittings of the hydraulic screen solid-liquid separator in contact with feces is made of 304 stainless steel, with strong corrosion resistance, high reliability, and long service life.
  11. Generally, the separator does not need to be cleaned and is convenient for daily management, maintenance, and operation.

Application and function after dewatering

  • The dehydrated dry manure is almost odorless and has little viscosity. It can be used as base fertilizer and topdressing. It has long fertilizer efficiency and stable fertilizer property, replenishes nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and trace elements in the soil, enriches the organic matter of the soil, overcomes the shortcomings of soil salinization caused by frequent application of chemical fertilizer, and plays a role in improving the soil. The practice has proved that fertilizer efficiency is better than other fertilizers under the same growth conditions.
  • High nutrient concentration, easy decomposition, fast absorption, and long duration.
  • It is a thermal fertilizer, which promotes the development of crop roots, enhances crop photosynthesis, increases the sweetness and beauty of crops, and increases production and income.
  • At the same time, it can be made into good feed for fish.
  • The sale of organic fertilizer can obtain additional economic benefits.

How much does a manure separator cost?

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Weight350-400 kg
Dimensions2100 × 1250 × 1600 cm


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