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Cow Dung Drying Machine


Brand: Bluslot® [MANUFACTURER] 

Type: Poultry manure dewatering machine

Model: BLU180/BLU230/BLU280/BLU800/BLU1200/BLU1500.

Power: 380/220V

Size: 1800x800x1070mm

Application: cattle farm manure dewatering.

What is cow dung dewatering?

How long does cow dung take to dry

The natural air drying time of cow farm manure is between 3-5 days according to the weather.
The natural air drying cycle is long, and the process will also cause air pollution, which is not suitable for the modern livestock breeding industry.
Cow dung drying machine is a press separation equipment which can operate continuously and is used for extruding liquid of organic materials and separating slag and liquid of inorganic materials.
The cow dung treated by dewatering equipment is convenient for transportation, realizes monetization and solves the problem of air pollution.
Cow dung drying machine, also known as dairy manure dewatering equipment and cattle manure separator is the latest environmental protection equipment with small volume, easy operation and low cost. It is widely used in livestock farms.

Matters Needing Attention For Cow Dung Drying Machine

The work of the cow dung drying machine is continuous. Its materials are continuously pumped into the body, and the pressure at the front edge is increasing. When it is large to a certain extent, the discharge port is pushed open and squeezed out of the extrusion port to achieve the purpose of extrusion and discharge. In order to master the discharging speed and water content of the cow dung drying machine, the counterweight under the main machine can be adjusted to achieve a satisfactory and appropriate discharging state. The screw extrusion cow dung dewatering machine has the advantages of high automation level, simple operation, easy maintenance, large daily processing capacity, low power consumption, and is suitable for continuous operation.

Host power(kw)444/5.5/7.54
Screen Size(mm)800*9501200*9501400*950
Slot size(mm)0.3-0.80.3-0.80.3-0.80.3-0.8
Vibration motorHY-0.1/30wHY-0.1/30wHY-0.1/30w
Cutting pump50WQK15-13-1.565WQKAS25-15-2.265WQK35-15-31.5/3
Slag removal rate>90%

Working Principle of Cow Dung Drying Machine

  • The nonblocking pump pumps the unfermented cow dung into the machine body, and the soft rubber pipe continuously enters the machine from the dung tank through the feed inlet.
  • Through the spiral auger installed in the separator, the manure water is pushed forward at the speed of 30 rpm, and the materials are continuously sent to the extrusion part.
  • After the cow dung enters the machine, the motor rotates to drive the reducer to operate. After extrusion, the water in the cow dung is discharged from the water outlet, and the fecal water will be filtered out through the screen and automatically flow into the regulating fecal pool. When the host reaches a certain limit, the discharge port will be pushed open, and the dry matter in it will be squeezed out.
  • The pressure bar at the discharge port and the self-weight hammer equipped on the pressure bar begins to lift upward, the discharge port is opened, and the dehydrated dry cow dung can be continuously discharged from the machine.
At the same time, there are strict requirements for many factors, such as the drainage technology of cattle farms, the characteristics of the environment, the volume and structure of the septic tank, the drop of defecation ditch, and so on. First of all, there is a minimum requirement for the separated materials, which should be unfermented fecal water. In terms of process requirements, a septic tank for storing fecal water should be built. If it is found that the concentration of fecal water to be separated is too thin and the content of the solidified product is less than 3%, the extrusion opportunity will greatly reduce the discharge efficiency. n order to improve the efficiency of the cow dung drying machine, it is required to build a sedimentation tank of 30m3 ~ 40m3 in front of the storage tank. This tank is slightly higher than the storage tank. An overflow port is reserved above the tank to allow the thinner fecal water to overflow from the high level. The bottom of the tank will deposit thicker materials accordingly. After that, the solid-liquid separation can greatly improve the discharge speed.
Cow dung drying machine is mainly composed of host, nonclogging pump, control cabinet, pipeline, and other equipment. Only by understanding the specific workflow can we use the equipment better.

Utilization Value of Cow Dung After Solid-Liquid Separation 

Is dry cow dung good for plants?
  • The liquid manure after solid-liquid separation is directly discharged into the biogas digester, which has higher efficiency of biogas production, and the biogas digester will not be blocked, so as to prolong the service life of the biogas digester.
  • The solid excrement after solid-liquid separation is conducive to transportation and can be sold at a high price.
  • The separated manure is mixed with grass bran, fully stirred, added with bacteria for fermentation and granulated to make compound organic fertilizer.
  • The cow dung after solid-liquid separation can be used as a cow mattress material, and can also be made into cow dung fuel to save cost.
  • The separated manure can be used for breeding earthworms, planting mushrooms, feeding fish, etc., which can increase considerable additional benefits for your farm.
  • The cow dung after solid-liquid separation can be directly used to improve soil quality.


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