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Pretreatment of biogas before fermentation

Bluslot® Solid Liquid Separator

Why does biogas use a solid-liquid separator before fermentation?

  • If the animal manure without solid-liquid separation is directly discharged into the biogas digester, the organic load per unit volume of the biogas digester will be greatly increased. Therefore, the volume of biogas digester will increase a lot, and the establishment of biogas digester also needs a large area.
  • If raw materials without solid-liquid separation and fermentation are used for a long time, a large amount of residues will be left in the biogas digester, resulting in the blockage of the biogas digester and the reduction of capacity. The biogas digester will not be used, and the cleaning digester will be very labor-intensive and unsafe. At the same time, increase the cost.

Therefore, some large farms separate pig manure sewage through manure separator and then discharge it into biogas digesters. Therefore, if conditions permit, a solid-liquid separator will be equipped. If it is a biogas digester of a rural family, pay attention to the daily maintenance and maintenance of the biogas digester, and do not carry out solid-liquid separation.

At present, the solid-liquid separation in the market mainly includes centrifugal solid-liquid separator and slope screen manure separator. Which belongs to oblique cutting solid-liquid separator. The utility model is suitable for water flushing, dry manure and blisters. Before the biogas digester is set behind the septic tank, it can effectively prevent biogas accumulation and blockage, reduce the solid content of the effluent from the biogas digester and reduce the treatment load of subsequent environmental protection facilities. Solid liquid separation is an environmental protection facility in pig farms. No matter what treatment method is used, it starts from solid-liquid separation.

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