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Precautions For Chicken Manure Separator

No matter what kind of mechanical equipment is used to achieve better expected results and give full play to the best performance advantages of the equipment, we must understand some equipment operation skills and use them flexibly, and chicken manure drying is no exception. In actual production, we can often see such an example. Two use the same chicken manure separator equipment, but the output and dry quality are very far away. So, let’s look at the details of improving the drying effect of chicken manure.

  • Whether it is fresh wet chicken manure or water chicken manure, its water content is relatively large. When the moisture content of chicken manure is very high, it can not be dried directly by chicken manure separator, but quickly dehydrated by filter press or dewatering Until the chicken manure material reaches a certain moisture requirement, it can be dried. Because the water is too large, it not only reduces the efficiency of chicken manure dryer, but also increases energy consumption and affects the drying effect of chicken manure.
  • In the process of chicken manure drying, the control of feed rate is a very important link. If we can not achieve uniform feeding, it is easy to block the feed inlet or make the chicken manure dryer operate at high load, which will affect the normal drying process, but it may also lead to the deformation of the drying cylinder, the decline of production capacity or the unsatisfactory drying effect, resulting in the decline of the drying effect of chicken manure.
  • Chicken manure separatoris based on heat transfer, so in the drying operation of chicken manure, controlling the temperature of each stage, preventing heat loss and improving the drying efficiency and quality of chicken manure are the key. This requires the staff to pay attention to the amount of coal added in the combustion furnace during the operation of the equipment, and do a good job in the thermal insulation and sealing of the barrel of the chicken manure dryer, so as to improve the drying effect of chicken manure.

Therefore, in the process of using the chicken manure separator, we should pay attention to correctly grasp every detail, so as to reduce energy consumption and improve the drying effect of chicken manure to a great extent.

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