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How does pig manure dewatering?

Bluslot® Pig manure separator

Effect of pig manure solid liquid separator

  • For pig breeding enterprises, the volume of the originally built biogas digester is too small, and the drainage and retention time of sewage into the digester is too short, resulting in too high sewage concentration discharge. Before the sewage enters the digester, use the livestock manure separator for treatment, which can effectively reduce the COD and BOD content of sewage and reduce the operation load of biogas digester, so as to reduce and rationalize sewage discharge. At the same time, the problem that it is difficult to clean the tank after solid matter precipitation is avoided.
  • The use of pig manure dry and wet separator can convert the manure in fresh sewage into valuable fish feed or organic fertilizer. The separated sewage intermittently enters the biogas digester, which can give the anaerobic digester a full digestion time, make the active bacteria in the digester multiply more vigorously and produce more gas. The content of methane gas is naturally high, and the high gas purity is naturally overcome, so as to solve the problem of abnormal operation of biogas generator.
  • The sewage treated by the pig manure separator enters the biogas digester. It can effectively solve the crusting phenomenon of biogas digester and eliminate the work of cleaning biogas residue.
  • The use of pig manure dry and wet separator can reduce the construction investment of biogas digester. For example, in a breeding or slaughterhouse that discharges 100 tons of sewage every day, if a matching livestock manure solid-liquid separator is used for treatment in advance, the construction investment of 300 m3 anaerobic digester can be reduced, because the concentration of fecal sewage mixed into the digester is too high, and the anaerobic time needs to be extended accordingly, Therefore, according to the breeding farm that discharges 100 tons of sewage every day, it is not necessary to treat livestock manure with a solid-liquid separator. If the solid-liquid separator for livestock manure is used, the construction of anaerobic tank of 1000-1200 m3 can be reduced by 300-400 m3.
  • Due to the continuous innovation of pig manure dewatering machine, pig manure dry and wet separator can be used for water flushing pig manure, dry cleaning pig manure and blistering pig manure treatment. One machine has multiple functions, and the technology subverts today’s fecal sewage treatment.

Characteristics of Bluslot® Manure Separator

Practicability: this series of BLU-800 pig slope manure separator has a fast separation speed of slag and liquid. The water content of the separated fecal residue is between 40 and 50%. The slag amount and water content can be adjusted. It can be applied to feeds with different components (such as grass and concentrate feed), which is convenient for transportation. Its solid particles are very suitable for fish feed and organic fertilizer. It is an ideal mechanical product for pig farms to quickly solve pollution problems. 

Advanced nature: solid liquid separator has been innovating and developing for 15 years, making the BLU-800 series of fecal processor have strong decontamination ability, no filter plugging, and convenient and clear mouth cleaning. The removal rates of solid content, chemical oxygen consumption, total oxygen consumption, nitrogen and phosphorus in the treated manure and urine water can be between 70 and 95%. The innovation of solid-liquid separator is continuous, the mechanical performance is improved year by year, the best pitch design and excellent mechanical performance. The use of new materials makes the equipment durable and easy to use. 

Durability: the auger, screen frame, screw press screen and of this series BLU-800 pig manure separator and fecal separator are made of stainless steel and anti-corrosion treatment, with corrosion resistance, high strength and long service life. Innovation and improvement of solid-liquid separator, high-quality winch and V-type filter screen. The stressed parts of the winch are manganese treated, and the service life is increased by 2-3 times. High winding shaft sleeve shall be installed at the rear end of the winch. 

Economy: this series has high degree of automation, low power consumption and low price. Easy to operate, just press the start stop button to operate. Pig manure separator is cost-effective, factory price direct sales, one-step in place and guaranteed after-sales all year round.

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