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Manure Separator Motor Failure

Bluslot® Solid Liquid Separator

As an important equipment for livestock manure disposal, solid-liquid separator can not only solve the problem of fecal pollution caused by long-term breeding, but also bring more convenience and rated revenue. The solid-liquid separator is very popular not only in aquaculture specialty, but also in pomace, sawdust, drug foam, etc.

Common problems of motor failure, how to deal with the motor failure of solid-liquid separator in daily operation?

What is the cause of motor failure of manure separator?

  • The electric heating wire of the motor burned out.
    Treatment method: This requires the staff of the solid-liquid separation equipment to ensure the quality of the selected conductor when the conductive pipe of the equipment and the heating pipe is converted.
  • Solid liquid separator motor blade reverse rotation.
    Treatment method: disconnect the power supply for the first time, change the direction of the motor and rotate the blade in the precise direction.
  • The motor heating pipe of solid-liquid separator is burnt out.
    Treatment method: at this time, stop the machine in time and convert the burning heat pipe intermittently, so as to discharge the heat generated by the motor in time.

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