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Manure Dewatering Screw Press For Sale







Bluslot provides customized services for manure screw press separators.

Our advantage

  • Patented design, large processing capacity.
  • Stable working efficiency, no maintenance.
  • Reinforce the screen to prevent deformation and damage.
  • Support customized services for special materials and specifications.
  • Provide installation guidance and after-sales maintenance guidance.
Manure screw press has high-cost performance and is very suitable for small and medium-sized livestock farms.

High efficiency and fast investment recovery. Manure screw press has a small volume, low speed, simple operation, convenient installation and maintenance, high cost-saving efficiency, fast investment recovery, and no need to add any flocculant. 

Large capacity of continuous work. High automation level, easy maintenance, and large daily processing capacity. Small area, totally enclosed, environmental protection and sanitation, low power consumption, suitable for continuous operation. Its key components are made of stainless steel, with a total weight of nearly half a ton and a small overall size. 

The water content of discharge is low. It has a good dehydration effect on poultry and livestock farm excrement, and low water content of discharge. 

It can be used as farmland fertilizer. The separated solid part is dry and odorless and is a good farmland fertilizer. Leachate is not produced during storage, and transportation and storage are convenient. It can effectively improve the air environment of livestock farms. It can be diluted and used as irrigation water or fertilizer and can be effectively absorbed by farmland crops. 

Manure Screw Press Proprietary Technology

BLU1293QS patented process


Screw press screen – Patented circular fusion welding technology.

Fixed technology

The whole fuselage is fixed with rivets and detachable patented technology.

Surface Treatment

Environmentally friendly physical surface cleaning process.

The high working efficiency, working stability, and more convenient maintenance of the solid-liquid separator are the most important characteristics.

We have carried out hundreds of accurate theoretical calculations and experiments on the manure screw press. After five years of research and development, our solid-liquid separator products are more mature. 

We have an independent wedge wire screen production line, which can guarantee the quality and customized service of the screen.

Patented rivet fixing technology. For users who have used manual screw presses, the corrosion problem at the welding point is unavoidable. This problem may not occur in two years, but after more than two years, the welding joint will become very fragile. To this end, we have developed a new type of fixation technology – rivet fixation technology. The whole manual dewatering screw press is not applicable to any welding process.

It is replaced by the rivet fixing process. Its advantage is that it is firmer, avoids corrosion at the welding point, and more importantly, it is convenient for disassembly and later maintenance.

Physical cleaning process. With the increasingly serious environmental pollution, the pickling and passivation process will soon be banned. We have developed new physical cleaning technology, which is more environmentally friendly and will not pollute the water source. More importantly, the equipment will be more corrosion-resistant after our cleaning process. According to the experimental data, the corrosion resistance of the treated equipment has been improved by 30%.


Manure Screw Press Specifications

Host power3 KW7.5 KW18.5 KW22 KW75 KW
Cylinder motor2.2 KW2.2 KW2.2 KW2.2 KW
Weight320 kg780 kg1500 kg3000 kg7500 kg
Slot size0.75 mm0.5 / 0.75 mm0.5 / 0.75 mm0.5 / 0.75 mm0.5 / 0.75 mm
Capacity0.5 – 1 m3/h3 – 4 m3/h5 – 7 m3/h10 – 13 m3/h20- 25 m3/h
Internal diameter160 mm200 mm300 mm400 mm600 mm
Manure Screw Press Specifications
SS304 Manure Screw Press Machine

The manure screw press machine made of 304 stainless steel is not common. If the processed material is pig/hog dung, cow dung, chicken dung, or duck dung, the combination of painted carbon steel+SS304 is the most cost-effective.

A manure separator made of all stainless steel is very expensive. It is generally 3-4 times that of ordinary equipment. Customers usually use this equipment to treat waste distiller grains or recycle expensive hemp oil and ethanol.

In addition, when the ethanol plant uses this equipment, in order to ensure safe operation, we also have explosion-proof motors.

Slope Screen Separator Vs Screw Press separator

When to choose screw press manure separator?


Cow manure, chicken manure, duck manure, and pig manure with a moisture content of less than 90%.

Water content

Pig manure with a moisture content of less than 90%.

Sticky manure, such as chicken manure, duck manure, and goose manure.

Small and medium-sized poultry and livestock farms can provide cost-effective services.

When to Use the Slope Screen Manure Separator?

Slope screen manure separator is increasingly popular with farmers. Before 2018, manure-dewatering screw press separators occupied more than 60% of the market. However, the situation has changed in recent years.

Especially in pig farms, they feel more and more inefficient when using the screw press separator to treat blister dung. The reason is that when the water content of pig manure exceeds 90%, the manure dewatering screw press separator will lose its efficient work.

Therefore, if a large amount of water in blister dung is removed first, it becomes a key breakthrough point.

So more and more manufacturers use wedge wire screen panels for the preliminary treatment of feces. Most of the water is discharged under the action of vibration. Then enter the continuous extrusion position of the equipment. In this way, the problem of the treatment of blistered dung is solved.

So when the water content of pig manure exceeds 90%, it is recommended that you use the slope screen manure separator. If you are dealing with sticky feces, such as chicken manure and duck dung, this equipment is not suitable.

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