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Manure Dewatering Machine







Bluslot provides customized services for manure dewatering separators.

Our advantage

  • Optimized design, large processing capacity per unit time.
  • The whole machine is detachable, which is convenient for later maintenance.
  • The body is solid, the working efficiency is stable, and the maintenance cost is low.
  • High-strength filter screen, not easy to deform and damage.
  • Separators with special specifications and materials can be customized according to customer needs.
  • Provide comprehensive after-sales service, including installation guidance, fault maintenance solutions, etc.
This manure dewatering machine is very suitable for pig farms to treat pig manure with water content above 90%.

Pig manure contains a large number of microorganisms and drug residues, which are the main substances that pollute soil and water sources. And it also contains parasite eggs. Therefore, pig farms should properly handle the excrement of pig farms.  

Generally speaking, the water content of pig manure in pig farms is often higher than 90%, so it is very suitable to use our slope screen manure dewatering machine.

This solid-liquid separator can process pig manure into dry manure and manure sewage. This is very helpful for subsequent processing. Here are some ways to deal with it.


Pig manure and sewage can be turned into biogas, which can be used as fuel. Or lighting, power generation, etc., with a wide range of uses. 
Moreover, the fermented biogas residue can be used as fertilizer to grow crops, and the biogas slurry can be discharged into ponds for biological treatment. This is also a common method for treating pig farm manure in rural areas. However, we usually still have to do a good job of disinfecting the pig farms to prevent the pigs from being infected with bacteria.

Fermented into farmyard manure

The dry pig manure in the pig farm is piled up in the fermentation tank, and a layer of quicklime is sprinkled on it. Then cover it with plastic film or mud, and ferment for about 1 month to become farmyard manure. 
It can be used to grow vegetables or fruit trees. In addition, this kind of fermentation can also disinfect the parasite eggs in the feces, which can play a certain role in preventing the spread of parasites.

Made into organic fertilizer 

Pig excrement is squeezed into dry matter through a manure dewatering machine. This dry matter is basically odorless and less viscous and can be used directly as a fertilizer. If you want to make organic fertilizer, add grass bran to it and stir thoroughly, and add bacteria to ferment. Finally, it can become a granular compound organic fertilizer. 
This fertilizer can also be sold to increase income for pig farmers. But note that during the production of these fertilizers, it is still necessary to disinfect the pig farm.

Make compost 

The dung from pig farms can also be made into compost for mushrooms. Generally, pig excrement and straw are dried and crushed, and then mixed together in a ratio of 6:4. Add gypsum powder or superphosphate, and then process it. This treatment method is also very common in rural areas.

Manure Dewatering Machine Proprietary Technology

BLU1293QS patented process


Screw press screen – Patented circular fusion welding technology.

Fixed technology

The whole fuselage is fixed with rivets and detachable patented technology.

Surface Treatment

Environmentally friendly physical surface cleaning process.

Features of Manure Dewatering Machine

Practicability: This series of machines have fast slag liquid separation speed, the water content of the separated fecal residue is 50-60%, the slag amount and water content can be adjusted, and can be used for feed with different ingredients (such as grass and concentrate feed), which is convenient for transportation. Its solids are very suitable for raw materials of fish feed and Manure.

Progressiveness: This series of machines has strong decontamination ability, no blockage, and easy cleaning. The solid content, chemical oxygen consumption, total oxygen consumption, nitrogen, and phosphorus removal rate of treated fecal and urine water can be between 70-95%.

Durability: The frame, screen frame, screen, and other components of this series of machines are made of stainless steel and anti-corrosion treatment, which are corrosion-resistant, high-strength, and have a long service life.

Economy: This series has a high degree of automation, low power consumption, and low price. Easy to operate, just press the start-stop button for operation.


Manure Dewatering Machine


Host power(kw)444/5.5/7.54
Screen Size(mm)800*9501200*9501400*950
Slot size(mm)0.3-0.80.3-0.80.3-0.80.3-0.8
Vibration motorHY-0.1/30wHY-0.1/30wHY-0.1/30w
Cutting pump50WQK15-13-1.565WQKAS25-15-2.265WQK35-15-31.5/3
Slag removal rate>90%
Matters Needing Attention

Our manure dewatering machine is a very practical industrial equipment. It can help us separate the solids and liquids in the mixture. To meet the production needs of different industries. When using, we need to pay attention to some issues to ensure the normal operation and safe use of the equipment. 

The advantages of solid-liquid separators are high separation efficiency, simple operation, and convenient maintenance. However, there are also some issues that need to be noted when using solid-liquid separators. 

Firstly, it is necessary to select the appropriate centrifuge rotor and speed based on the actual situation to ensure the best separation effect.

Secondly, it is necessary to regularly clean the centrifuge rotor and casing to prevent the accumulation of solid particles from affecting the separation effect.

Finally, attention should be paid to safe operations to avoid accidents.

Slope Screen Separator Vs Screw Press separator

When to choose screw press manure separator?


Cow manure, chicken manure, duck manure, and pig manure with a moisture content of less than 90%.

Water content

Pig manure with a moisture content of less than 90%.

Sticky manure, such as chicken manure, duck manure, and goose manure.

Small and medium-sized poultry and livestock farms can provide cost-effective services.

Features of the Slope Screen Manure Separator

Slope screen manure separator is increasingly popular with farmers. Before 2018, manure-dewatering screw press separators occupied more than 60% of the market. However, the situation has changed in recent years.

Practicality: The contact area between the treatment equipment and manure or biogas slurry is relatively large, increasing the contact area between the raw materials and the separator screen. Water treatment is relatively scientific and fast. The separated fecal residue has a moisture content between 40% and 60%, making it an effective treatment equipment for biogas slurry or feces with high moisture content.

Progressiveness: The treatment equipment has strong decontamination capacity, no blockage, and a large contact area with raw materials. Due to the large contact area between the raw material and the inclined screen due to the feeding from above, a portion of the moisture can be filtered in advance. The solid content, chemical oxygen consumption, total oxygen consumption, nitrogen, and phosphorus removal rate of treated urine can be between 75% and 95%.

Durability: the screens (inclined and semi-circular) and auger of the treatment equipment have the advantages of corrosion resistance, high strength, and long service life.

Scientific: the large contact area between the inclined screen and raw materials is the dehydration of two links, which is scientific and effective. It can also be loaded directly by forklift and other transportation tools. The gap between the screen and Jiaolong is about 20 wires, and the small contact gap ensures the effect of dry material discharge.

Economy: the treatment equipment has high degree of automation, low power consumption and low price.

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