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Maintenance of manure separator in rainy season

Rainy season is a high period of attention for equipment management of slope manure separator.

The rainy season is the peak period of accidents, which has an impact on electrical moisture-proof and leakage prevention, increasing the difficulty. In the flood season, there is heavy rain, high temperature and rain, which has a great impact on the safe production of production buildings, maintenance engineering construction, traffic roads, power generation and power supply, etc. I’d like to introduce the management precautions of solid-liquid separator in rainy season:

  • Pay attention to the impact of high temperature weather on fecal dehydrator equipment. Continuous high temperature and efficient operation of manure dewatering equipment. Attention should be paid to the problem of excessive temperature to prevent damage to manure dewatering equipment.
  • Pay attention to the impact of rainwater on fecal dehydrator equipment. In the rainy season, the air is humid, the rain is frequent, and the manure dewatering equipment is rainproof.
  • Pay attention to the impact of continuous operation on manure dewatering equipment. Field engineering projects are scrambling for time, speed and continuous operation. The manure dewatering equipment is also running at full load or even overload. This situation is understandable, but the maintenance and maintenance of manure dewatering equipment must keep up.
  • Pay attention to the condition of the manure dewatering equipment. The manure dewatering equipment operates efficiently. It is inevitable that it will be damaged or not work in normal state due to “fatigue”. At this time, pay attention to maintenance to avoid large losses.
  • Attention should be paid to strengthening the study of equipment management system of manure dewatering equipment. In order to avoid harm to the manure dewatering equipment and users themselves, new and old employees should often learn the manure dewatering equipment management system and work under the constraints of the system.
  • Pay attention to rectify the hidden dangers of dehydrator equipment. “Prevention before it happens” check and verify all known and unknown hidden dangers of dehydrator equipment one by one, correct and improve them, and ensure the intactness rate of dehydrator equipment.

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