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Maintenance Methods Of Problems In Manure Dewatering Equipment

After the solid-liquid separation equipment is used for a period of time, it will have a certain impact on the cylinder of the solid-liquid dry and wet separation equipment. So how do we repair the cylinder of the manure dewatering equipment? To solve this problem, the following is a detailed answer: 

The damage to the cylinder of manure separator is mainly caused by the wear of supporting wheel and bearing, loose bolts, displacement of supporting wheel, wear of nominal surface in rotating ring, wear of sizing block of rotating ring, etc. 

Troubleshooting of problems in manure separator 

  • Adjust the gap: it is important to adjust the gap between the drying ring and the buffer block. This may be achieved by replacing a new backing plate or adding a pad under the plate.
  • Slope restoration: restore the design slope of the cylinder. Adjust the absolute height difference between the two gear support devices to reach the design value. The central height difference of the two gear rolling rings may be measured by level, theodolite or connecting retractor. The experimental work shall be carried out after the first step of adjusting the gap.
  • Restore the vertical position of the cylinder: the goal is to return the barrel to the appropriate vertical position.
  • Restore the horizontal position of the cylinder. The vertical projection of the cylindrical bus coincides with the reference line on the reference line.

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