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Line Detection Before Use Of Solid-Liquid Separator

Bluslot® Solid Liquid Separator

The pollution treatment of the farm mainly lies in the solid-liquid separator, and the solid-liquid separator can just make the dry and wet separation of fecal flushing sewage into valuable fish feed or organic fertilizer. It is the equipment used by the current breeding equipment manufacturers to turn waste into treasure. Therefore, the solid-liquid separator is one of the indispensable equipment of the farm.

Attention shall be paid to the daily maintenance of the equipment, including the solid-liquid separator. In particular, attention shall be paid to the wear and leakage of wires, because in case of such a situation, the operation of the machinery will be affected, and the life safety of the constructor will be threatened.

The separated sewage intermittently enters the biogas digester, which can give the anaerobic digester a full digestion time, make the active bacteria in the digester multiply more vigorously and produce gas f higher. The content of methane gas is naturally high, and the high gas purity is naturally overcome, so as to solve the problem of abnormal operation of biogas generator.

Because the manure separator equipment needs to be connected to the power supply to work normally, and its working environment is complex, there will be a lot of sewage stains. Therefore, during operation, special attention should be paid to protecting the power line to avoid electric leakage and short circuit due to wire wear.

Before the operation of the solid-liquid separator, the machine should be idled for about 10 minutes to check whether there is any abnormal phenomenon or sound of all parts, and whether the operation is stable and normal.

Before feeding materials, clean and dry the parts contacting materials, such as missing screen, and pay attention to effectively grounding the machine to prevent leakage accidents.

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