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Is The Solid-Liquid Separator Used In Sewage Treatment

Bluslot® Solid Liquid Separator

With the development of aquaculture, the national requirements for environmental protection are becoming more and more strict, and the treatment of environmental pollution caused by sewage and feces from farms is strengthened. The function of solid-liquid separator is to dry and wet separate livestock and poultry feces. After dry and wet separation, water enters the reservoir and fish is raised in the reservoir. Solid matter can be used as green organic fertilizer.

In fact, the use of solid-liquid separator can not only be used in the aquaculture industry, but also play a great role in sewage treatment. For the sewage discharged from the printing and dyeing industry, although the state has been emphasizing environmental protection, few enterprises meet the requirements, and the sewage discharged will cause very serious consequences if it is not treated well. For example, the inflow of lakes will lead to the death of aquatic organisms, and have a great impact on the environment, destroy the ecological balance, accidentally let people and livestock drink water from the polluted water, and serious early human and livestock deaths. Therefore, attention must be paid to the methods of sewage treatment.

The use of solid-liquid separator can recycle the wastewater. The treated sewage can use softened water equipment to filter the required printing and dyeing wastewater, recycle, save water and protect the ecology. The solid-liquid separator is mainly used to separate the solid and liquid contained in sewage and reduce the moisture content in SS. In terms of transportation and treatment, landfill and waste incineration plant have certain requirements for the moisture content of solid waste treatment.

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