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Installation position of solid-liquid separator

There are no special requirements for the installation position of the solid-liquid separator. According to the actual size requirements of the farm, some flat places can be selected to facilitate the transportation of fecal liquid, and it is convenient to discharge the separated manure water.

The discharge pipe shall avoid corners and right angles to reduce the discharge flow resistance. If it is installed outdoors, a simple canopy can be built. The machine is equipped with power supply of 380V.

The main engine motor and the supporting special fecal sewage pump motor are connected to the main control distribution box of the whole set of equipment.

The main engine is connected to the main engine, and the screw shaft is rotated in the right direction and shut down. Then fill the discharge port of the machine with material residue containing about 70% of water or waste newspaper and cloth. Then adjust the counterweight block to the maximum torque to form the compression layer of the extruder.

The extruder without filling the pressure layer cannot be started up because the discharge port will be ejected immediately without pressure after pumping manure slurry. Please remember to fill the discharge port! The extruder shall be managed by a specially assigned person. The person in charge shall understand the performance of the whole machine and maintain it regularly. Generally, during normal use, the screw press screen shall be cleaned every one or two months.

When cleaning, first remove the bolts at the discharge port, then take out the screen, and wash the blockage in the screen with clean water and copper wire brush. It is particularly noteworthy to keep the original installation position of the screen. While removing the screen, please pay attention to the guide rail position of the screen, and it is best to mark it. Keep the original position during installation, otherwise, in future operation, It will increase the wear of the screen and naturally affect the discharge efficiency of the extruder.

The manure sparator needs to be cleaned once every 15 days to ensure the filtrate effect of the filter screen and the low moisture content of the extruded solid material. If it is found that the liquid discharged from the liquid outlet is reduced or the water content of the discharged solid is high during operation, it can be stopped and started several times separately.

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