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Installation mode of solid-liquid separator

he development of modern livestock and poultry breeding industry and the rise of industrialized and intensive breeding have not only enriched people’s material needs, but also brought the flood of livestock and poultry sewage, resulting in the pollution of water source, air and environment. Livestock manure separator is an environmental protection equipment for dewatering livestock manure and sewage in animal husbandry farms. It can separate pig manure and other livestock manure raw manure and sewage into liquid organic fertilizer and solid organic fertilizer. Liquid organic fertilizer can be used for crop utilization and absorption, solid organic fertilizer can be transported to fertilizer deficient areas, and can also improve soil structure. At the same time, it can be made into organic compound fertilizer through fermentation. The matched submerged pump is used to send the raw fecal water to the pig fecal dehydrator. The solid matter (dry manure) is extruded and separated through the stainless steel spiral shaft arranged in the screw press screen, and the liquid flows out of the liquid outlet through the screen.

Installation mode

  • It can be installed on the cement floor of livestock manure tank, and the ground shall be horizontal.
  • The feed is operated by the sludge cutting pump, and the user shall provide the support for the up and down adjustment of the water pump.
  • The extruded wastewater flows into the wastewater tank by pipeline.
  • The extrusion solid-liquid separator is mobile and does not need to be fixed during installation.
  • The size of livestock manure tank shall be determined by the user, and the water depth shall not exceed 2.5m.

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