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Deep Processing of Chicken Manure

Project Introduction 

Chicken manure is a relatively high-quality organic fertilizer, which contains about 1.63%, 1.54%, and 0.085% of pure nitrogen, phosphorus (p2o5), and potassium (k2o). 

In view of the physiological characteristics of chicken, the feed taken by chicken is not fully digested and absorbed, and about 40% – 70% of nutrients are discharged from the body. Therefore, chicken manure has the highest nutrient among all poultry and livestock manure. 

However, if chicken manure is directly applied to crops without being treated or decomposed, there are great hazards and hidden dangers: 

  • Directly applied to the soil, ferment under suitable conditions and produce a large amount of heat, burning down the roots of crops. 
  • At the same time, chicken manure itself contains a large number of bacteria, which brings hidden dangers to crops. 
  • Therefore, chicken manure must be treated innocuously and completely decomposed before it can be applied to crops. 

The first treatment process of chicken manure is very important. We recommend using the chicken manure separator to dewater wet manure.

Since chicken dung is more viscous than cow dung and pig dung, the slide screen manure separator cannot be used. For small chicken farms, the 180-model chicken manure screw press separator is the most suitable.

Market Analysis 

Revitalizing agriculture through science and technology is the fundamental way of agricultural development. Fertilizer is an important material basis for agricultural development. The massive application of chemical fertilizers has resulted in soil hardening and degradation of agricultural product quality, and reduced fertilizer utilization rate. In the past 30 years, more and more agricultural experts and governments in the world have actively advocated reducing the use of chemical fertilizers. 

More application of green fertilizers such as organic fertilizers and bio-organic fertilizers has led to the “green revolution” of fertilizers. Field experiments over the years have shown that green fertilizers have many advantages: 

  • Nutrient balance, promote crop growth, increases production significantly, and has high fertilizer efficiency. 
  • Improve the quality of agricultural products. 
  • Inhibit pathogenic bacteria and reduce diseases and pests. 
  • Loosen and improve the soil and reduce nitrate pollution in the soil. 
  • Increase the water absorption of crops, increase the drought resistance and lodging resistance of crops. 

Now, China has begun to vigorously develop organic green agriculture, advocate green consumption, and have broad market prospects for the production and application of green fertilizers. 

Production Method 

Raw material selection (chicken manure) – drying and sterilization – ingredients mixing – granulation – screening – metering and sealing – warehousing of finished products. 

Basic conditions required:  

  1. Address: 100 square meters of fermentation site and 40 square meters of shed site. 
  2. Equipment: pulverizer, series tools. 
  3. Auxiliary raw materials: starter, etc.  
  4. The working capital depends on the supply of raw materials. 

Development Prospects  

It can produce mixed organic fertilizer and pure organic fertilizer. In terms of varieties, special formula fertilizer is produced for different crops, such as special fertilizer for flowers and vegetables. At the same time, it can develop and produce aquatic fish fertilizer, nutrient soil, etc. The chicken manure organic fertilizer project has a short construction period, high return on investment, low risk, and short payback period, which is a good way to increase the income of chicken farmers. 

Comprehensive utilization of chicken manure can greatly improve the sanitary environment of chicken farms. Eliminate mosquitoes, flies, and odor, and reduce the spread of diseases. It can be made into fertilizer to turn chicken dung into treasure and produce better social, ecological, and economic benefits.

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