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Daily maintenance of pig manure separator

Bluslot® Solid Liquid Separator 

The emergence of solid-liquid separator reduces the workload of farmers, maintains the hygienic environment of the farm, and puts pigs in a clean and hygienic environment. How to manage the solid-liquid separator every day?

  • The manure separatorshall be checked for normal operation at each time before use, especially the tightness of the traction rope. It shall be tightened once a day in the first 7 days and once every 2 ~ 3 days.
  • When the automatic septic tank machine is started, the staff must observe at any time, pay attention to the travel switch, and stop immediately in case of abnormality.
  • Check the tightness of the traction rope, whether the traction rope at the corner is outside the track and whether the guide wheel of the scraper is normal.
  • Regular automatic dehumidification every day to prevent mechanical damage caused by excessive accumulation of feces. Feces are usually scraped every 2-3 hours. After scraping the dung, stop the machine and check whether the septic tank is normal.
  • The scraper of the automatic septic tank machine is directly sent out. During the operation of the machine, the staff shall timely check and scrape it to the specified position.

Pig house solid-liquid separator plays a very important role in pig farm. It can not only maintain the health problems of pig farms, but also save a lot of labor. At the same time, the treated pig manure can be automatically used in the pig house for secondary use.

The fecal cleaning machine can effectively reduce the cost of manual decontamination, reduce the breeding of ammonia and bacteria in the pig house, improve the sanitation of the pig house, zero pollution, zero pollution, and advanced fecal separation technology, so that you can pass the environmental protection assessment. The performance of solid-liquid separator in pigsty is helpful for people to use it better.

  • The manureseparator uses 750W gear motor to save energy and safety.
  • One host of pig house solid-liquid separator can run 1-4 scrapers with a long scraping stroke of 150m.
  • All screws used in the pig house manure separatorare made of stainless steel screws. The fastener adopts imported stainless steel expansion bolt, which is more durable than the special pipe for general engineering.
  • The angle wheel adopts 46 # steel integral hot-dip galvanizing and unique machining design to ensure the stability and safety of stainless steel traction rope and integral cleaning system.

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