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Cow Dung Dewatering Machine Solves The Problem Of Manure Treatment

The long-term development of farming is still more important than how to deal with manure. As long as the manure problem is handled well, then this farming is still very profitable. Then how to deal with manure is a problem. You can learn about Liyang’s environmentally friendly cow manure dehydrator. 

The working principle of the cow dung dewatering machine: the poultry and livestock manure is pumped to the machine with a submerged pump, and then dehydrated by a spiral separator. If too much manure is pumped in, it will be discharged to the original manure tank through the overflow pipe. The manure separated by screw extrusion and filtration can be directly sent to the biogas digester to ferment biogas or discharged to its water storage and sedimentation tank. The solid dry manure is discharged from the manure outlet. 

Features of cow dung dewatering machine

The working principle of the cow dung separator is to pump the cow dung with dung water to the dehydrator, use the vibration motor and the screw shaft to compress the dung, separate the solid cow dung from the dung, squeeze it out of the filter, and discharge it out of the drain. The cow dung dehydrator is not only used for chicken manure, but also for solid-liquid separation of other livestock and poultry manure or sewage such as medicinal residues and distiller’s grains. 

The cow dung dewatering machine has the characteristics of small size, low speed, simple operation, convenient installation and maintenance, low cost, high efficiency, fast investment recovery, and no need to add any flocculant; the machine adopts high-strength screw shaft, corrosion-resistant alloy The spiral blades and screens are made of high-quality stainless steel, and the spiral dragon blades are specially treated, which is twice the service life of other similar products. 

The cow manure separator mainly dehydrates the raw manure of livestock and poultry into liquid and solid soil manure. Liquid fertilizers can be applied directly to crops and absorbed. Solid fertilizers can be used in fertilizer-deficient areas and can also improve soil structure. At the same time, it can be made into organic fertilizer after fermentation. If the liquid is not used directly, it can enter the biogas digester for anaerobic fermentation to produce biogas. It can realize waste utilization, circular economy, and green environmental protection. Cow manure dehydrator has been used in most cattle farms. 

Zero environmental pollution treatment method of cow dung 

  • Fermentation treatment, the cow dung and urine are fermented by microorganisms and converted into organic fertilizers.  
  • Cell biological treatment, cow dung, urine cell biological treatment, as biogas residue production and processing, waste can also be used for fish farming.  
  • Utilizing expertise in oxidative melting, most of the soil organic matter of cow manure is converted into water-soluble sodium tripolyphosphate.  
    Known as “methyl-fulvic acid”, it can be used as a high-efficiency plant growth vulcanization accelerator, and can also be equipped with multi-element leaf spray fertilizers, foam agents, seedling sprays, etc. These three methods of capital allocation have a large amount of property, occupy a large area, and have high standards and specifications, and are not suitable for large and small farms. The cow dung dehydrator can be well applied to large and small farms. The cow dung dehydrator has a small footprint, is easy to use and environmentally friendly, and solves the problem of farm manure treatment.  

Of course, there are many ways to deal with cow dung, and customers should choose the best solution based on their circumstances. The cow dung dewatering machine we produce is only suitable for small and medium-sized cattle farms.

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