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Common Problems And Treatment Methods Of Solid-Liquid Separator

As an important environmental protection equipment for livestock and poultry manure treatment in the modern breeding industry, manure treatment solid-liquid separator has been sought after by all walks of life. However, how to solve the problems in the operation of manure separators? For the common problems and solutions during the operation of manure treatment manure separator, we will give you the following answers:

Common Problems And Treatment Methods

Explosion Of Manure Separator For Manure Treatment

Treatment method: the possible reasons for this situation are that the materials in the machine are blocked or the temperature of the solid-liquid separator for feces treatment is too high, resulting in a fire in the equipment. In case of material blockage, stop the machine immediately for cleaning, and pay attention to the daily maintenance of the equipment at ordinary times. When the temperature of the manure separator for manure treatment is too high, we should reduce the fuel supply, so as to reduce the temperature of the equipment to meet the production requirements.
This requires the operator to have rich experience in the separator, for which we can give scientific guidance and suggestions to customers.

The Materials In The Solid-Liquid Separator For manure Treatment Catch Fire

Treatment method: if the specification fails to meet the requirements, the small equipment dries too many materials, which will cause a fire when the temperature is forcibly increased. At this time, we need to replace the large drying equipment. If there is a problem with the design principle, the manufacturer is recommended to replace or transform the drying equipment; If the raw materials cannot be absorbed, resulting in a fire in the manure separator for manure treatment, check whether the drying equipment is installed correctly, whether there is air leakage or increase the air pressure; If it is not used properly, it shall be operated in strict accordance with the operating instructions.
Maybe this kind of problem is not common, but we want to avoid it 100%.

Work efficiency is low.

There may be three reasons: First, the quality of the separator is not up to standard, and the manufacturer did not assemble the equipment in the correct way. Second, the screen problem, the screw press screen can not meet the high-efficiency work. Third, the feeding speed does not mean that the faster the feeding, the higher the processing efficiency of the equipment, please listen to the manufacturer’s suggestions.

The screw press screen was damaged.

The screen is a vulnerable part, and its damage will greatly affect the dryness of the output. So it is very important to choose a high-quality screen. It is recommended to increase and strengthen the ribs.

The Installation Of a Solid-Liquid Separator For Pig Manure Treatment Did Not Meet The Specifications And Air Leakage Occurred.

Treatment method: this situation will lead to low air pressure, resulting in the failure of normal discharge of dried finished materials. Just check and adjust according to the drawing.Once Drying Wet Materials Can Not Meet The Production RequirementsTreatment method: there are three possible reasons: too small manure separator for manure treatment, improper use of manure separator for manure treatment, and incorrect calculation of air pressure and flow of air network. If the specification of the manure separator for manure treatment is not enough, replace the manure separator for manure treatment; Operate correctly according to the instructions; If the air pressure and flow of the air network are calculated incorrectly, the manufacturer of the manure separator for manure treatment must be required to recalculate the air pressure and flow, and then change it according to the actual situation.

Equipment Cylinder Vibration

Treatment method: if the connection between the supporting wheel device and the base of the equipment is damaged, it only needs to be corrected and reinforced. If the side of the rolling ring is worn, turn or replace it according to the situation.

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