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Carbon Nitrogen Ratio Of Cow Dung Treated By Cow Dung Drying Machine

In the past, the method of raising cattle directly in rural areas was to sprinkle the collected cow dung into the field, and there was almost no re fermentation or other harmless treatment of cow dung drying machine. Due to the continuous improvement of the scale and intensification of China’s cattle industry, a large number of cow dung must be treated innocuously. Now, the farm staff will introduce the aerobic composting fermentation mode of cow dung drying machine. 

The cow dung dehydrated by the cow dung drying machine is then composted and fermented. The C / N ratio refers to the C/N ratio of the mixture of material and filler. The growth of fermentation bacteria needs carbon source. Protein synthesis requires nitrogen source, which is much greater than that of other minerals. So in the composting process. Nitrogen content is particularly important. Generally, the carbon nitrogen ratio of cow dung is lower than 20, so that the bacteria in fermentation participate in the decomposition and are in a nutritional balance state to achieve the required decomposition rate. Usually, the initial material ratio of the control reactor is adjusted by adding straw, sawdust and rice husk with high carbon nitrogen ratio. The initial C / N ratio of 20-35 is reasonable.  

The content of carbon and nitrogen in cow dung and inventory. Firstly, the cow dung drying machine is used to dehydrate and then compost. The bacteria decompose the organic matter to release heat and raise the temperature of the chimney. First, long-term pyrolysis can kill eggs, pathogens, parasites and so on. In addition, by controlling the temperature of the reactor to ensure that the metabolism of thermophilic bacteria reaches the fierce temperature range, the fermentation efficiency will be greatly improved. It is recommended that the high temperature of ordinary compost be controlled at about 60 ℃. In order to make cow dung ferment evenly, it is often necessary to rotate and stir with a rotating device. 

The reasonable fermentation temperature of cow dung is 60 ℃. Moisture is the moisture content of the whole water after composting materials and fillers are mixed. In addition to participating in microbial metabolism, water can also take away heat during evaporation and adjust composting temperature. Composting fermentation is usually carried out with 65% – 75% water treated by cow dung drying machine.  

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