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Can chicken manure be used directly?

First of all, chicken manure that has not been treated by chicken manure treatment equipment is toxic. Of course, the excrement of any animal is no exception, so it was also suggested that chicken excrement should not be used.  

Therefore, the chicken manure separator believes that we can’t directly say that our manure can’t be used. If the chicken manure is treated, it can still be used. If the chicken manure is treated, such good chicken manure can’t be used directly. It’s a pity, but if it is treated, it will change.   

If it is processed, it can be used, and there are a lot of nutrients in it. Isn’t it good to use it for other things? It can reduce the generation of peculiar smell and odor, will not affect others, but also reduce the residue of antibiotics, and can also play the role of killing insects and sterilization. In addition to the above hazards, there are other problems. Maybe the older generation can use it directly, but the times are developing and progressing. 

They contain a preservative containing heavy metals, and a small amount of excreta from free range livestock and poultry is reused to fertilize farmland. 

And if it is not treated, it will happen: burning roots, burning seedlings, burning trees, or even dead trees. 

Chicken manure that has not been treated at high temperature will burn the newly germinating seedlings at a certain temperature. If the situation is serious, they will be killed directly. In that case, every family will not get mature seeds, and this will happen again. 

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