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BLU-700 Screw Press Separator For Wastewater Treatment
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BLU-700 Screw Press Separator For Wastewater Treatment

In agriculture, the BLU-700 screw press separator is easily installed in an existing wastewater treatment system, where it reduces the volume of slurry many times over, effectively separating water from solids, providing two forms of fertilizer (water and dry solids) for pasture application. The inlet tank continuously feeds raw effluent through the press screw, separating water from solids, delivering a dry product that is relatively odorless. Screen clogging is prevented by the auger and the outlet pressure system is easy to adjust.

The BLU-700 type is a separator that has a drive power of 5.5 kW and can reach a dry matter content of up to 30%. The equipment can be successfully and more economically used not only in agriculture, but also in urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants, where energy-intensive centrifuges are most often used. The aim of the system is to separate liquid from sludge and therefore minimize moisture content, volume and weight. And the more wastewater is dehydrated, the cheaper the disposal and transportation costs will be, which will give a short amortization period for investments.

The BLU-700 screw press separator features high performance with low power consumption, convenient operation, compact design, reliable workmanship and long service life. The technically well-designed press offers additional practical solutions for convenient and easy handling, such as a tight-fitting lid on the screen housing (for easy cleaning). Thanks to a good seal between separator and drive unit, maintenance intervals are significantly extended, which significantly reduces costs. The designers focused on increasing the life of wear parts and improving the quality of the solids thanks to a reliable electrical control system.

This device works similarly to our manure separator, but handles different materials. We can customize various types of screw press separators for global customers, which can handle various materials.

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