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BLU-400 Cow Manure Separator Shipped

Bluslot provides customized services for cow manure separators.

BLU-400 Type

This is a high-efficiency screw press manure separator, which is very suitable for the dehydration process of chicken manure, cow manure, and low moisture content pig manure. In addition to regular specifications, we support customization services for special sizes.


Please let me know the quantity of products you need and the destination port, and we will reply to you within 8 hours. Or contact our sales staff on Whatsapp: +86 13780308627.

Power supply380/220 V
Motor7.5 kw
Pump4/5 kw
Input75 mm
Size2160 x 700 x 1240
Weight320 kg
Pipe3 pcs

Optimization projects

  • Many customers report that the screw press screen needs to be replaced every eight months. After analysis, our technicians found that two reasons caused it. The first reason is that it is used for more than 8 hours a day, and the second reason is that the hardening of manure causes it to clean for a long time.
    To this end, our screw press screen adds two more reinforcement ribs to the original one.
  • Many customers need to run the separator for a long time, so the quality of the motor is particularly important. For this reason, we replaced it with a more durable brand-name motor.

The excellent performance of this equipment is reflected in the solution of the pollution of livestock manure to the farm and surrounding environment. Through processing, livestock manure can also produce good economic benefits and realize circular economy breeding. It can also be used for dehydration treatment of poultry and livestock manure raw materials in organic fertilizer manufacturing enterprises. Currently, the most widely used poultry manure treatments include pig manure, chicken manure, cow manure, duck manure, and sewage from flushing breeding houses.


  • Pig manure treatment.
    BLU-400 Cow Manure Separator can handle water-flushed manure, water-soaked manure, and dry clean manure. This machine is used to process pig manure and facilitate transportation. The dehydrated pig manure can be directly added with bacteria to ferment organic fertilizer. After solid-liquid separation and dehydration, the pig manure becomes fluffy, less viscous, and less odorous.
  • Chicken Manure Disposal.
    BLU-400 Cow Manure Separator is an inexpensive drying method for treating chicken manure. Chicken manure can be directly produced into organic fertilizer through extrusion, filtration, and dehydration. After treatment, the chicken manure is fluffy and can be further dried quickly after being spread out. Generally, 20-50% of moisture can be removed in one day at room temperature. After treatment, chicken manure can be loaded into trucks and bags for easy transportation. Chicken manure can also be used as fish pond fertilizer and fish feed.
  • Cow dung treatment.
    After the cow dung is squeezed and dehydrated, the cow dung can be used to make organic fertilizer. It can be used as cattle bedding material and can be used to grow mushrooms and earthworms. If you use our company’s cow dung fuel briquette machine. Cow dung can be turned into high-density fuel that can be used instead of coal. Increase the added value of cow dung and produce good economic benefits.
  • Duck manure treatment.
    By processing duck manure, the fresh duck manure separated is rich in crude protein. It can be used as recycled feed and can be used to raise fish, loaches, clams, aquatic products, etc. It not only alleviates the problem of feed shortage but also creates extremely high economic benefits for duck farms. The solid duck manure is separated and used as solid fertilizer for easy transportation.