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Bearing heating of solid-liquid separator

The bearing of solid-liquid separation equipment is a very important part of centrifuges. Generally, experienced users of solid-liquid separation centrifuges should consult the manufacturer about a series of problems about the bearing when purchasing centrifuges. There are many reasons for bearing heating of solid-liquid separator. Different judgments should be made under different circumstances! Let’s take a look at the general situation of fever?

Users should pay attention to the lubrication of machinery and choose high-quality high-temperature lithium grease because the good and bad lithium grease is also another reason for bearing heating. If during the inspection, mechanical friction will be accompanied by noise, obvious wear of mechanical parts, and looseness of bearings, there should be a problem with the bearings and the bearings need to be replaced. The solid-liquid separator belongs to high-speed chemical equipment. Good bearings are required for high-speed. High-quality and authentic bearings can ensure the long-term normal operation of the centrifuge, and the service life is up to more than 10 years.

Whether the concentricity of the main shaft of the solid-liquid separation equipment is accurate or not. Under normal circumstances, people do not pay much attention to concentricity. The concentricity of the main shaft tends to be large, which is easy to form the bearing heating.

Overload or overload, which may be the current problem such as cooling fan, or the heat generated by mechanical friction, but the main problem is whether the bearing is authentic. Because some users buy low-cost bearings for low prices, resulting in bearing heating and scalding, resulting in bearing burning, and so on.

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