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Avoid mistakes in operating the chicken manure separator

Chicken manure separator is a popular environmental protection mechanical equipment in recent years. The emergence of chicken manure separator reduces the pollution to the environment. When using the chicken manure separator, we should pay attention to many places, especially the operation mode is the most prone to error.

  • The chicken manure separator selects a non blocking pump to pump the unfermented pig manure into the body, and speed up the blanking under the effect of the vibrating motor. At this time, through power transmission and spiral extrusion, the fecal water is gradually pushed to the front of the body, continuously increasing the pressure at the front edge, forcing the water guessed by the material to squeeze out of the mesh screen under the effect of edge pressure and belt filtration and out of the drainage pipe.
  • The screw extrusion work of the chicken manure separatoris continuous. Its materials are continuously pumped into the body, and the pressure at the front edge is increasing. When it is large to a certain extent, the discharge port will be pushed open to achieve the intention of extrusion and discharge. In order to master the discharge speed and water content, the counterweight block under the main engine can be adjusted to meet the appropriate discharge condition.
  • The chicken manure separatoradopts screw extrusion solid-liquid separator, which has high automation level, simple operation, easy repair, large daily processing capacity, low power consumption and suitable for continuous work. Its key components are made of stainless steel materials. The weight of the whole machine is nearly half a ton and the overall size is small. It is an ideal solid-liquid separation equipment for planned pig farms, which can greatly improve the solid-liquid separation and efficiency.

The above information is about the three wrong operation modes of chicken manure separator. Pay attention to the above problems during operation and try to avoid such situations.

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