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Auger of Cow Dung Drying Machine

As we all know, cow dung solid-liquid separator is a green environmental protection equipment used to treat cow dung, but I certainly don’t know much about the auger of the cow dung solid-liquid separator. Its advantages and disadvantages will affect the treatment effect and quality of cow dung solid-liquid separator, so we must carry out effective overhaul and maintenance during use. Today, I will give you a detailed explanation about the performance of the spiral blade of the cow dung solid-liquid separator.

The auger of cow dung drying machine is mostly welded by blade lining plates of different materials, spray welding hard materials or inlaying alo ceramic lining. There are many problems in spray welding, such as low bonding strength, porosity, non-dense structure, uneven composition, large blade deformation and so on. The ceramic inlay has poor bonding firmness between the lining and the matrix, which is easy to fall off when the cow dung drying machine rotates at high speed, resulting in accidents, which is difficult to meet the working conditions of the cow dung drying machine. Therefore, according to the design and working characteristics of cow dung drying machine, we studied the laser surfacing strengthening of corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant alloy materials for cow dung drying machine auger working in corrosion-resistant environment, and achieved good application results.

The surfacing of auger of cow dung drying machine is a complex metallurgical and crystallization process. Due to the high speed of laser heating and melting cooling, non-uniform temperature field and thermal stress are formed between material microstructure in the process of heating, cooling or melting condensation, which is easy to cause defects such as crack and crack. In order to obtain a good quality of surfacing layer, it is necessary to adjust the relevant laser process parameters (laser energy density and scanning speed) to form a good matching, and carry out sample simulation wear experiment and corrosion resistance test to obtain good laser process parameters and make it have better matching performance.

At the same speed, with the increase of laser power, the microhardness of the helical blade of cow dung manure separator also increases, which is determined by the extremely fast speed of laser heating and cooling.

The structure of the surfacing coating of a typical cow dung drying machine has a flat joint surface, showing columnar and dendritic crystal structures in the transition zone between the matrix and the surfacing layer. The heat dissipation in the surfacing crystallization process is two aspects: the high-temperature radiation from the surfacing molten pool to the space and the heat conduction through the collective material.

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