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Application of solid-liquid separator in treatment of aquaculture wastewater

It is still a scheme with low investment and obvious economic benefit to separate solid and liquid from pig manure by screw extrusion solid-liquid separator.

Development of domestic pig industry

Since the reform and opening up, with the improvement of people’s living standards in urban and rural areas, people’s demand for poultry, livestock, meat, eggs and milk has increased day by day, and the annual per capita share has gradually reached or approached the world average level, which has brought opportunities to the development of domestic livestock and poultry breeding industry. In the past, the retail aquaculture of small households no longer meets the needs of the large-scale meat, egg and milk market, but is replaced by the growing large-scale aquaculture.

When people taste delicious livestock and poultry products, we can not ignore another severe reality, that is, the pollution brought by large-scale breeding to the environment. In terms of large pig farms, a pig consumes an average of 1kg ~ 2kg refined feed every day. At the same time, it consumes 10kg ~ 20kg of water in a day. These sewage are mixed with pig manure and urine and discharged into the pig farm. A pig farm with tens of thousands of pigs will produce hundreds of tons of fecal water every day. At room temperature, these wastewater will ferment and stink, polluting land, water source and air.

The resulting wastewater occupies a large area of land. These fecal water is not easy to flow and inconvenient to transport, which is a long-standing problem. From the current situation of pig industry at home and abroad, there are few good methods. Among many schemes to solve fecal water pollution, the selection of screw extrusion solid-liquid separator for solid-liquid separation of pig farm fecal water is still a scheme with low investment and obvious economic benefits.

Application of pig manure slurry

The livestock and poultry breeding industry at home and abroad has developed, especially the scale of pig breeding has increased rapidly. The livestock and poultry breeding industry should take the road of large-scale production. Only when the scale is large can the efficiency be improved, but at the same time, the problems of efficiency and pollution prevention and control should be solved. In recent years, the development of agriculture in China depends on scientific farming. There are two main measures: one is improved seeds, the other is chemical fertilizer.

The use of chemical fertilizer can indeed increase production in a large area, but the results of too long and excessive use can not be ignored. Its side effects lead to soil hardening and soil fertility decline.

Practice has proved that soil needs organic fertilizer, especially organic compound fertilizer.

If the spiral extrusion manure separator technology is used to separate the pig farm manure water, it can not only provide the organic matter for the production of organic compound fertilizer, but also slightly treat the separated solids and feces to turn waste into treasure and produce broad-spectrum and efficient organic compound fertilizer. This is a measure to kill many birds with one stone, which not only improves the pig farm environment, but also achieves the purpose of increasing efficiency and yield.

Generally, the solid content in the manure water from large-scale pig farms is more than 3%. If the use of water is controlled, the solid content can be controlled more than 10%. This material is pumped into the screw extruder through the non clogging sludge pump. Under the joint action of screw auger and screw press screen, it can be separated into manure slag and fecal dilute with water content less than 70%.

When the water content in the fecal residue is about 40% ~ 50%, an appropriate amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer can be added to make a compound organic fertilizer; For the dilute part of its feces, it is a good organic liquid fertilizer after fermentation and watering in the field. At present, Laiguangying pig farm in Chaoyang District of Beijing adopts this technology. They not only solve the pollution problem of a large area of pig manure water, but also use pig manure. They use pig manure to fertilize the ground to produce high-grade green food, but also achieve considerable economic benefits.

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