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Solid liquid Separator manufacturer

Bluslot® brand screw type solid-liquid separator is mainly used for dewatering animal manure in livestock farms. We can customize pig manure, chicken manure, and cow manure dewatering equipment.

Screw type
manure separator

It is suitable for the dewatering of manure slurry with less water content. The main models are BLU-180, BLU-230, BLU-280, etc. It can also be customized as all stainless steel.

Slope screen manuer separator

It is mainly used to treat pig manure and cow manure with a water content of more than 90%. There are three main models: BLU-800, BLU-1200, BLU-1500, and self-cleaning models.

Cow dung
drying machine

A solid-liquid separator specially developed for the treatment of cow dung adopts two patents, namely annular fusion welding & longitudinal non-weld welding technology.


Regular products are shipped within one week.


Detachable design of the whole machine.

Fully automatic

Full automatic non-stop anti cleaning device.

Type of our solid-liquid separator

Type: BLU180/BLU230/BLU280/BLU800/BLU1200/BLU1500/BLUA1600.
Bluslot® has two types of solid-liquid separators for manure dewatering, namely, screw extrusion type manure separator and slope screen type solid-liquid separator. We can also customize special equipment according to customer needs.

Technical advantages of Bluslot®

Why choose the solid-liquid separators of Bluslot®?

Blulot has a wedge wire screen production workshop, which can independently produce the screen panels and screw press screen. Compared with other manufacturers, Bluslot has a price advantage.

In order to meet the needs of large farms, Bluslot has developed a slope manure solid-liquid separator that can automatically backwash.
This equipment is suitable for pig farms and cattle farms.

Conventional products are kept in stock throughout the year, such as manure dewatering machines: 180 type, 800 type, 1200 type and 1500 type.
Delivery can be made within 2 days after delivery quality inspection.

Different from welding and gluing, all models of Bluslot are fixed with patented technology, and the body frame and screen can be removed. It is convenient for cleaning and maintenance and also avoids solder joint corrosion.

In addition to conventional dewatering equipment, Bluslot also provides customized services to customers around the world. We can customize products of various specifications according to customers’ requirements.

In cooperation with the local agricultural university, Bluslot upgraded the products based on many years of production experience. The dewatering efficiency of the equipment is 25% higher than that of similar products in the market.

What do you care most about solid-liquid separator?

What do you care about most before buying?
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Material dewatering efficiency
Delivery time

Solid Liquid Separator For Sale

Bluslot® has been committed to the solid-liquid separation&filtration industry for more than 20 years. We have established branches in the United States and Togo, with more than 10 technical patents, and can provide customers all over the world with solutions for dewatering farm manure.

Bluslot® Production Workshop

Bluslot has two workshops, namely the solid-liquid separator component production workshop and the solid-liquid separator assembly workshop.